DR Series Feeders

Laundries are constantly adjusting the services they offer in line with market developments. Duvets, king-sized sheets, new items, the DR-Series range of feeders provide the answer to the different feeding requirements of each laundry, with the quality and productivity they need and with the safety their operators deserve.

drm industrial feeder

DRM High Production Feeder

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dr1 industrial feeder

DR1 Single-Station Feeder

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drb industrial feeder

DRB 2 – 3 Station Feeder

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drf industrial feeder

DRF 2 – 4 Station Feeder

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Industrial Ironers

The results of the PC Series go beyond your business balance sheet. Your customers can appreciate it right from the start, when they see the impeccable finish of a tablecloth or sheet, when they experience the touch on their fingers of a textile with a crisp feel thanks to the quality of the finish. Quality and efficiency of ironing are more than just productivity and profitability. The PC series adds value to the image of your establishment through the textiles it produces, showing perfection in detail and caring for materials to prolong the life of your establishment’s textiles.

Compact 5-in-One Ironing Systems

Compact sprang from Girbau’s proactive attitude in believing that changes are made in order to improve. More and more laundries with space or accessibility problems require an ironing system prepared for high productions. Compact is Girbau’s response: new requirements, new solutions.

Compact GC24130 ironer

Compact 5-in-One Ironing System – GC24130

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Compact GC32130 ironer

Compact 5-in-One Ironing System – GC32130

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Industrial Flatwork Folders

A highly programmable folder offering one, two or four feeding lanes and the ability to automatically perform two to three primary folds and up to three cross folds, the FR Series folder deliver high-quality, automated folding of small and large items alike. Using air-jet technology, FR Series offers an advanced touch-screen control, multi-program operation, and quality components for consistent, quality folding. The thickness of the article is automatically taken into account during the first cross fold. A retractable pneumatic roller works in conjunction with a mechanical blade to automatically adjust the opening distance for item thickness — ensuring precise folding.

frb plus flatwork folder

FRB+ Folder

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Industrial Independent Folders

FT lite towel folder

FT-LITE Folders

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