Multi-Housing Laundry & Route Solutions

Washers and dryers designed specifically for multi-housing and route laundries

Flexibility is Our Mantra. Dependability is Our Trademark – Enjoy multiple laundry equipment options, vending/payment system choices and ownership/leasing solutions to perfectly fit your tenant laundry goals and unique ownership or management style. Trust Continental Girbau Inc. – and our professional network – to help you develop/renovate, equip, finance/lease, service and manage your laundry amenity! View Market Segment Brochure


Life’s Good for tenants when their laundry outshines nearby vended laundries; allows them to quickly and easily complete laundry; and offers high-performance equipment that’s reliable and easy to use. Thanks to high-speed extract, robust basket capacities, and oversized doors for simple loading and unloading, residents enjoy shorter dry times and complete laundry sooner. They also gain more control over how their laundry is washed. Big capacity washers and dryers take on more laundry – helping users complete family sized loads quickly and efficiently. When Life’s Good for residents and guests, they remain on-site to do laundry. This boosts your laundry’s revenue.


Continental, LG and Econ-O-Wash/Dry laundry equipment bring commercial-grade construction, unrivaled durability and superior efficiency to laundries at hotels and resorts, university dormitories, and apartment/condominium complexes. Highly programmable, simple to use, and engineered for uncompromised dependability, our matching washers and dryers are available in topload to 55-pound capacities, freestanding designs and space-saving and stacked configurations. All products are backed by unrivaled service and industry-leading commercial factory warranties!


Choose to purchase, finance, profit share, or rent-to-own your laundry equipment. Split the income, or pay for equipment based on the income generated. Flexible financing is always available. Where there is a will, there is a way. At Continental, we deliver flexible ownership and leasing options to meet your unique goals and management style.


Laundry managers and owners can enjoy complete freedom over vending as all Continental, LG and Econ-O-Wash/Dry laundry products work seamlessly with electronic card-based payment systems and/or coins. Tenants and laundry guests can enjoy multiple payment options – loyalty cards, debit/credit cards, and/or coins – to fit the contents of their wallets. Wireless and wired payment systems are available, as are user-friendly smartphone “tap-and-pay” options. Choose what works for your laundry and tenants. Because making it easy matters …


Trust your Continental representation to provide unmatched service and support. Continental support work closely with laundry managers and owners to retool and develop profitable laundry services – amenities that draw residents/tenants and keep them happy. Your representative will overview equipment ownership and leasing options, including revenue sharing; size and design your laundry; help you select the right equipment and payment systems; provide routine maintenance options; and deliver technical service after the sale.

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Continental Girbau Washers & Dryers

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Continental Washers and Dryers boast unrivaled durability, performance and programmability backed by an industryleading ContinentalCare Warranty. Continental washers are available in 20-, 25-, 30- and 40-pound capacities; Continental dryers are available in 30- and 45-pound capacity stacks and 25-, 30- and 55-pound capacity singlepocket models. Choose from freestanding and hard-mount models to suit your laundry needs. All models seamlessly integrate with coin and/or card payment systems and come in electric and natural gas.

LG Commercial Washers & Dryers

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LG Commercial Washers and Dryers bring energy-efficiency, programmability, installation flexibility and durability to laundries. LG Commercial Washers and Dryers are available in electric and natural gas models, work seamlessly with coins or card systems, and are configurable to meet the needs of hotel guest laundries, as well as any multi-housing laundry application. LG Washers and Dryers are available in 22.5- and 35-pound capacities. Match them up or mix them with Continental or Econ-O-Wash/Dry equipment.

Econ-O-Wash Washers & Dryers

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The Econ-O-Wash top-load washer and the Econ-O-Dry single-load or stacked dryer clean and dry smaller loads quickly and efficiently. They are simple to use, coin/card friendly, and available electric and natural gas models.