Factory Tours & International Locations

Girbau Group Worldwide

Continental Girbau commercial laundry equipment is manufactured by its parent company, Girbau S.A., in one of four state-of-the-art facilities in Spain and France. Girbau chooses to operate under an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 environmental management process, which requires an organization to continually improve environmental management, and in so doing, minimize harmful effects created by its operations on the environment. To view the factory tours below, you must have Macromedia Flash Player installed. Also, please take the time to view the Girbau company video.

Girbau 1 - Headquarters / Vic, Spain

Medium to large capacity washers and ironers are manufactured at the Girbau 1 factory.

Girbau 3 / Vic, Spain

Small capacity washer extractors are manufactured at the Girbau 3 factory.

Girbau 2 / Vic, Spain

Heavy-duty laundry equipment, such as batch washers, presses, dryers and ironers, are assembled at the Girbau 2 factory.

Girbau Robotics / Gresy-sur-Aix, France

Automation machinery is assembled for heavy-duty installations, such as folding machines, feeding machines, and handrail conveyor systems at the Girbau 4 factory.